Children Searching for rice grains to buy books

  October 24, 2016 By: INSEC


“ Empty paddy field, two children are walking with a bundle of hay in their hands.” They are the children from Mohemadpur VDC-3, Dudhalalpur. Their names are Sabnam Khan, 11 and Sawa Khan,9. They said that they collect about two kilos of grains in a day. This is their daily routine. They search for  grains remain in the paddy field. Their 23 years old mother Satul Khan is a domestic violence victim. She was beaten and expelled from the house by her husband 10 years ago.


Since then she has been living in her paternal house after she was given divorce as per Muslim culture. The woman has been doing labor work due to financial difficulty. These children are compelled to collect the grain remains so that they can support themselves to buy books. Satu Khan said that these two sisters do not have birth certificate yet.” Both of them go to Madrasa for study. They don’t even have a proper clothes to wear”, she said.



Man Bahadur Chaudhary