Child Marriage stopped on an initiation of Child Club Network

  February 25, 2017 By: INSEC

 The Area Police of Khurkot said that the child marriage between 19 years old Bijaya Tamang of Bageshwor VDC-5 Haiwar and 15 years old girl has been stopped in an initiation of child club.

One month ago  couple were eloped and the traditional wedding procession heading towrds the bridegroom’s house was stopped and  were controlled according to inspector Uttam Prakash Baral of DPO.

As per our law, people under the legal age cannot perform marriage, said inspector Baral. He said that they can only marry after reaching 20 years. They were handed over to their family after legal counselling according to Baral.

The information based on local and District child club network had stopped the child marriage.

Meanwhile, the child network has also stopped one child marriage and polygamy at Ranichuri.


Bimala Pandey