Child Marriage in presence of Police

  October 16, 2016 By: INSEC

In Bahratpur of Mahottari district, a child marriage was conducted in front of Assistant Sub- Inspector (ASI) Laxmi Raut of Kantibazar police post on October 14. The marriage was conducted in Shiva Temple at Kantibazar.

The Shiva temple is located just five hundred meters away from the police post where a 16 years old boy of Dubarbanha and 16 years old girl of Oadoriya of Bharatpur municipality-9 were married.

The father of the bridegroom had demanded cash of Rs 200,000 from the girl’s parents as a dowry and the marriage was conducted after the demand was fulfilled by the paternal side of the girl.

ASI Raut was present at the incident site when the marriage ritual was in a process. While answering the questions raised by journo regarding the marriage, ASI Raut said that no action can be taken unless and until the written complaint is lodged against the child marriage.

Raut said that prior to the marriage; both children were summoned for discussion regarding the marriage before handing over them to their parents in presence of locals.

The sub section 5 of section 39 in Constitution’s segment 3 has prohibited the child marriage, trafficking and abduction.


Ajaya Kumar Shah