Child marriage in increasing trend in Jumla

  May 29, 2019 By: INSEC

One study has showed that the child marriage rate is increasing in the district of Jumla however only two cases are registered in the police office.

Various organizations are working to minimize this issue in the district however child marriage is still rampant in this district.

According to the census in 2011, there are 55,442 children out of the total population of 1,18,000 and of which 69% of children are being victim of child marriage.

According to the Social Development Ministrt of Karnali Province, Surkhet, minimum of 49% child marriage is in Dolpa and maximum of 71% in Rukum west.

In Humla District the child marriage rate is 52%, in Mugu it is 57%, in Kalikot 59%, in Jajarkot 65%, in Surkhet 68%, in Salyan 69% and in Dailekh the rate is 70% according to the data.

Similarly, 33% of children in Jumla are facing premature pregnancy due to the child marriage. This will affect the health and education of children. The representative of the district says that due to the  increasing trend of child  marriage, it is very hard to work in the society. The rate of divorce and women violence is also in increasing rate due to the child marriage. The child marriage is rampant in the society and none of them lodges complaint at police according to DSP Sita Ram Rijal.

The local government and representatives are not active on bringing program against child marriage according to CDO Durga Banjade.

The ill-practices still prevail in the society and it is very hard to eradicate this practices according to Banjade.


Man Datta Rawal