Complaint filed on Custodial Torture to a Minor

  June 28, 2021 By: INSEC

A complaint was filed at the District Police Office, District Administration Office, and National Human Rights Commission on June 27, 2021, following a case of custodial torture to a minor.

According to the victim’s family Ravishankar Kumar Pandit of age 15, of Shahidnagar Municipality-4 was taken to custody and was said to be tortured by the Area Police Office, Yadukoha on June 26.

The victim’s uncle told that Ravishanker Kumar was taken to the Provincial Hospital in Janakpur on June 26 for treatment while he became unconscious in the custody. The victim’s uncle told INSEC Representative that Ravishankar was taken to the Area Police Office for the investigation on a theft case. He was brutally beaten then. According to Shatrudhan Pandit, the father of the victim, Ravishankar was taken to the police custody after he delivered milk at Manish Gupta’s house as always.

According to the victim family, Ravishanker was badly wounded and had bruises on his thighs. His feet, fingers, and toes were swollen.

Shatrudhan further added that his son was taken to the police station and beaten when there was nobody in the house. He has even requested human rights activists to take initiative for justice.

The victim’s family has claimed that Shartudhan Pandit was taken by the Police while nobody was present at the house and requested the human rights activists for justice on this case

Inspector Sambhit Bhandari of the Area Police Office, Yadukoha, has claimed that Ravishankar was investigated on the basis of the CCTV Footage of Manish Gupta’s house but there is no such case of beating by the police as complained.

Dipendra Prasad Singh