Challenges in Education at Shanti Basic School

  October 17, 2023 By: INSEC

Shanti Basic School, situated in Bankatti, Bhimdatta Municipality-14 and established in 1999, faces several obstacles affecting the quality of education. The school, providing instruction from child development class to grade 8, faces challenges such as inadequate infrastructure and a shortage of subject teachers as per the established vacancies.

The inadequate infrastructure and the absence of subject teachers as per the established vacancies has challenged the effectiveness of education at Shanti Basic School in Bankatti, Bhimdatta Municipality-14.

With only three permanent teachers, two substitute teachers, and two private teachers employed, the school is further hindered by having just one teaching position available for classes 6 to 8. Principal Bista highlights the scarcity of qualified teachers, leading to one teacher handling multiple classes, even teaching alone at times. This situation makes it difficult to conduct regular evaluations, educational activities, and develop teaching materials.

Inside the classrooms, Shushila Regmi, a teacher, highlights the mixed-grade scenario where students from different grades share the same space. Teacher Jayaraj Joshi underscores the challenges of combined classes, which limit effective subject coverage within shorter class durations and hinder proper evaluation of students.

Students, like Lokendra Nepali, express concerns about class being less engaging when the same teacher teaches throughout the day. Madan Kunwar, a concerned parent, emphasized that despite government investments in education, Shanti Basic School struggles to provide effective schooling due to the teacher shortage.

Teacher Sulochana Upadhyay notes that this scarcity prevents students from acquiring proper knowledge and disrupts the assignment and assessment of homework.

Harka Bahadur Bohora, the chairperson of the School Management Committee, reveals their efforts to increase the number of teachers through appeals to the District Education Office and other relevant agencies, but there has been minimal response or interest from these offices.

Rajendra Bhatta, Information Officer of the Education Development Coordination Unit, acknowledges the issue arising from the Teacher Service Commission’s allocation of teacher vacancies, which often doesn’t align with student ratios. They are actively collaborating with relevant agencies to address this challenge.

Lila Kunwar