Chairperson of the Rural Municipality Beaten up

  January 23, 2023 By: INSEC

Hari BK, 33, Chairperson of Tripurasundari Rural Municipality, ward number 6, was beaten up on 22 January.

Ward Chairperson BK informed that he was beaten up following a dispute on the formation of a consumer committee to spend the money allocated by Bagmati provincial government for the construction of Popaldada Siktar Birta, Sunpokhari road at Tirpurasundari Rural Municipality, ward number 5 and 6, through the same.

Aggrieved party alleged that Bhimsen Adhikari, 43, a secondary school teacher of Tripurasundari Rural Municipality-6, was the one who beat the ward chairperson.

A group including Adhikari beat the ward chairperson BK bashing him for not hiring their people in the consumer committee.

Even though the ward chairperson BK has demanded for the justice, he hasn’t filed a complaint in the concerned authority yet.


Sitaram Adhikari