Chairperson of Khaniyabas Rural Municipality Injured in an Attack

  April 6, 2022 By: INSEC

Khaniyabas Rural Municipality’s Chairperson Ranabahadur Tamang has been injured in an attack that took place on the evening of April 5.

The incident took place during the discussion on the recommendation of the ward chairperson’s ticket for the upcoming local level election. Cadre of Nepali Congress, Raju Pakhrin fired a pistol at Tamang. Later, he was injured after he has hit by a bowl. Tamang is also the Province Regional Chairperson of the Nepali Congress.

Tamang said he escaped the attack due to the presence of mind or else it was a life-threatening attack.

Chairperson Tamang said that there was a dispute after the accused Raju Pakhrin’s group came and demanded that he should recommend the ticket as per his demand.

The injured victim was treated at Satyadevi Health Post.

Accused Pakhrin was arrested by the police on the same night and kept in the custody of Darkha Police Station.

DSP Jageshwor Bhandari of the District Police Office said that a verbal complaint has been lodged against the accused and an investigation is ongoing.

Sitaram Adhikari