Case of Caste- Based Discrimination Reconciled Under The Supervision Of Ward Office 

  June 20, 2020 By: INSEC

A case of caste-based discrimination that took place in the quarantine of Mala Rani rural municipality-4’s Social Welfare Primary School’s quarantine was reconciled on 19 June under the supervision of the ward office. 

People involved in signing the reconciliation decision were the chairperson of the ward Bishnu Pokharel, Dalit Officers of the district- Bishnu Pariyar, Thakur SauragRajendra Nepali, Sanju Nepali, media person Dinesh Sunar, Anil Nepali and Basanta BK. 

On 1 June 2020, Dinesh Ghimire (20) staying in the quarantine of Mala Rani rural municipality-4’s Social Welfare Primary School, had denied eating the food cooked by Dalit as he believed eating so will make him sick. 

According to the chairperson of Mala Rani rural municipality, Dinesh didn’t eat food that’s cooked by anyone else and Ghimire explained that he was not discriminating because he was drinking water touched by everybody. After a proper discussion on this, both the parties reconciled the issue together informed chairperson Acharya to INSEC’s representative. 

According to the constitution of Nepal- Punishment Act 2068 discrimination on the basis of caste, the local level has no authority to reconcile such matters. The victim has not filed any complaints in any commissions. 

Narayan Bhusal