Case of Attempted Rape “Reconciled” with Cash

  September 13, 2021 By: INSEC

A 25-year-old woman has alleged that Pradeep Yadav, 40, of Mithila Bihari Municipality-4 had attempted to rape her on September 8, 2021, but the issue was reconciled with an amount of NRs. 500,000.

Yadav has been trading buffaloes in Chorakoyalpur of Shahid Municipality-2 and it has been alleged that the accused had visited the victim and attempted to rape her on September 8.

It has been discovered that the ward chairperson of Shahid Municipality-2 Jaisilal Bhinwar Yadav and Shatrudhan Paswan, a local along with others had immediately reconciled the incident with NRs. 500,000.

Ward Chairperson Jaisilal Bhinwar Yadav told INSEC that during the Panchayat it was suggested to charge the accused with a fine of either NRs. 1,000,000 or NRs. 500,000 but he denied that the accused was fined money to reconcile the incident.

On September 9, the Panchayat had agreed to fine NRs. 500,000 to the accused and in return the victim would not lodge a complaint with the police.

The victim was not satisfied with the decision of the Panchayat and therefore she had filed a complaint against the accused at the Area Police Office, Yadukoha on September 9.

The health checkup of the victim has not been conducted yet. Inspector Sanjit Bhandari of the Area Police Office Yadukoha said that the victim could not be examined because she denied undergoing the health checkup.

Dipendra Prasad Singh