Campus chief and journo misbehaved

  December 17, 2018 By: INSEC

Campus chief Bijaya Lal Das of Ramsagar Multiple Campus in Janakpur was misbehaved by the students affiliated to Rastriya Janta Party by smearing black soot on to his face in the office premises.

He was misbehaved after he neglected the reformation and improvement of campus despite of several urges by the students.

Central General secretary Ranjit Nispakchya of the federation said that he was smeared with a black soot in the office premises in the after noon by the students affiliated to the Rastriya Janta Party.

After the misbehavior, campus chief was locked into his office for about one hour. The students had handed over the memorandum to the campus chief with 16 points demand of regular studies in the campus, management of professors, electricity services and proper management of windows and doors of the campus.

The student’s federation said that he was misbehaved after he refused to address series of demand and showed apathy on improvement of the campus.

Meanwhile, media representative Pramod Kumar Shah of Janta television was misbehaved by the police from Rangeli while collecting the news regarding the misbehavior of campus chief.

The victim said that he was manhandled by the police despite of showing the media ID card.

The media personnel of Janakpur have drew the attention of CDO and DSP regarding the incident. Chief District Officer Pradeep Rak Kandel said that DSP Dipendra Shahi has been directed to seriously gather the information regarding the incident.


Ajaya Kumar Shah