Cadre of UML Beaten by Cadres of Congress

  May 10, 2022 By: INSEC

Nepali Congress cadres Narayan Khasu Magar, 27, and Pambadur BC, 29, of Simalpani Musiwan Tole in Shitganga Municipality-13 have beaten CPN-UML cadre Ganesh BC, 29, on May 9.

According to Rishi Ram Bhaat, the victim’s father, Ganesh was beaten by Nepali Congress cadres after he and his neighbour Shyam BC opposed the cash distribution to voters being done by Congress Cadres at night. The accused had fled after beating and strangling him.

Inspector Shankar Khadka of the District Police Office said that the police were informed and advised by the locals to rush to the spot and take the injured for treatment.

According to Juna Somai, a female ward member candidate of the Shitganga Municipality-13, the allegation of distributing money is untrue and both people involved in the incident are friends. She emphasized that it must be an internal conflict between friends.

As per Devi Prasad Adhikari, the incident took place when the friends were joking with each other. The victim’s father lodged a complaint against the accused at the Area Police Office, Thada on May 9.

Kulbahadur Nepali