Cadre Arrested for Protesting in front of Election Office

  May 3, 2022 By: INSEC

Police have arrested Ashok Khadka, 31, of Pokhara Metropolitan-15 on April 3 for chanting slogans and demonstrating in front of the Election Office.

According to DSP Sundar Tiwari of the District Police Office, Kaski, Khadka was arrested on May 1 for using threatening language in the protest in front of the Election Office, Pokhara.

He informed that the office of the Chief Election Officer, Pokhara, had arrested Khadka stating that he had received a warrant to investigate Khadka on the basis of Sub-section 1 (D) of section 20 of the Election Offences and Punishment Act, 2073 BS.

There is a provision in the said article that no threat or intimidation should be shown to affect the election related work. The arrested Khadka was called to the Ward Police Office, Baidam. He was arrested by the police as soon as he reached the ward police office in Baidam.

Sushan Ghimire