Budget of Bagmati: Two Billion Allocated for Vaccination

  June 15, 2021 By: INSEC

The Bagmati province government has allocated Rs 2 billion for the purchase of vaccine against COVID-19 for the coming fiscal year.

Kailash Prasad Dhungel, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning informed that the amount was allocated on behalf of the government in the provincial assembly.

The provincial government has allocated NRs. two billion to provide vaccination to all the citizens within the province in coordination and cooperation with the Government of Nepal through the Province Chief Covid-19 Vaccination Program.

The provincial government has arranged to provide educational and social security allowance of NRs. 3,000 per month to the children who have lost both their parents due to COVID-19.

Minister Dhungel also informed that the children who have lost both their parents due to other reasons will get social security allowance of NRs 2,000 per month.

‘One School One Nurse’ program currently being implemented in 359 community secondary schools at the local level will be continued.

Arrangements have been made to mobilize the health workers appointed to prevent and control communicable diseases including COVID-19 and to mobilize them in hospitals and health institutions as per the need.

The Bagmati provincial government has announced a budget of NRs. 57.72 billion for the coming fiscal year.

Out of the total allocation, NRs. 26.16 billion (45%) has been allocated for the current budget. Similarly, NRs 29.70 billion (51%) has been allocated for capital and NRs two billion (4%) has been allocated for financial management.

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Pushpa Adhikari