BP Highway Blocked by Protestors Demanding Investigation on Death of a Child

  April 17, 2022 By: INSEC

The BP Highway has been blocked since the morning of April 17, 2022, by the protestors demanding an investigation into the incident of death of a child of Kamalamai Municipality-4.

The highway was blocked demanding action against the perpetrator of the death of 12-year-old Sreyas Bhujel, a resident of Fikal Rural Municipality-1. He was temporarily living in Kamalamai Municipality-4, Milanchowk.

The boy drowned in a ditch dug to build a bridge over the Gwang River connecting ward no. 4 and 6 of Kamalamai Municipality.

The victims have been demanding against the construction company and the contractor stating that the death of Sreyas, who had gone for a swim in the river with his friends, was due to the negligence of the company.

The victims had been blocking the highway since the morning of April 17 demanding action against the perpetrator. Locals have obstructed the road of Kamalamai Municipality-4 Dhungrebas and no vehicles have been able to pass by the highway.

The highway has been closed since this morning and approaches have been taken to reopen it, said DSP Manoj Kumar Lama of the District Police Office.

He said that the victims have been called to the office for necessary discussions and the contractor Ramesh Kunwar was arrested on April 16.

The body of the child is still at the incident spot as the victim’s side has stated that they will not take the dead body until the perpetrator is brought to book.

Nabin Babu Adhikari