Boy Injured in an explosion

  September 16, 2016 By: INSEC

Roshan Khadayat, 10 of Gatsikhar-1 was injured when an explosives abandoned by Chameliya Hydro Power project at Shikhar VDC exploded on September 16.

The explosive which was left in two number tunnel of hydropower canal was exploded. The victim said that it exploded while he was for livestock grazing.

The boy have lost fingers of his both hands in an incident. He also sustained shrapnel injuries.

Along with Roshan, other eight years old boy was injured in an incident. He also sustained shrapnel injuries. The victims were referred to District hospital after they could not be treated at Gokuleshwor Hospital.

The explosives used during the process of making canal for Chameliya Hydro Power are being found in recent days.

The victim’s family have demanded the compensation from hydropower company however vice chairman Pushpa Raj Joshi of the project said that they cannot bear the treatment cost. He claimed that the explosion was at the construction site of Chineese Gejuwa Group and electricity corporation is not liable for the compensation.


Narendra Singh B.K