Book Crunch in Mugu affects study

  June 6, 2019 By: INSEC

The study of students at northern side of Mugu has been affected after they could not get a new course book even after the beginning of new academic session.

The book crunch was due to the delay on supply of books by the supplier which has affected almost 41 schools of the district.

“The school was opened two months ago and there is no course book for students. We went to the district headquarter for books however we could not get any of them”, says student Shiva Ram Malla.

The responsibility of supply of the course book for standard 6 to 10 is taken by Janak Education Center in Karnali province and books from standard 1 to 5 is taken responsibility by private publication in Kathmandu.

The delaying in supply of books to the district have severely affected the studies of student and this has violated the right to study of many of the students.


Jeevan Sejuwal