Book Crunch Affects Student’s Study

  September 9, 2016 By: INSEC

Students in Bajura district are facing shortage in books, since five months, even after the commencement of academic year.

Every year, the district is facing shortages in books, but this year schools of Bajura have already presented the bill stating that they have received the books according to District Education Office. However, students complained that they haven’t received any books.

Only 40 students out of 110 students at Jana Prakash High School have received books and others are using photocopies according to Santoshi Rokaya. In standard 10 only 60 students have received books out of 82.

Similarly, students at standard 10 studying at Satyabadi secondary school said that only 60 students have received books whereas 50 students are in book crunch according to the student Man Bahadur Gurung.


Padam Singh