Body of a Deceased Kept in Hospital for Nine Days: INSEC and Human Rights Commission Held Discussion with Victim’s Family

  April 19, 2024 By: INSEC

The body of a 22-year-old woman Bhima Gurung Balami of Aathabis Municipality-5 Pipalkot, Dailekh has been kept in the post-mortem room of the Karnali Pradesh Hospital for nine days after her family refused to identify the body. They alleged that the death of the victim was caused due to the negligence of the doctor.

It is reported that Bima was taken to the hospital on April 9, 2024 due to a uterine condition and was admitted to the hospital on April 10. She subsequently died on April 11 during treatment. Her 24-year-old husband Nabaraj Balami alleges that Bhima lost her life due to the negligence of the doctors and they have been demanding compensation and investigation regarding the incident. Bhima has an eight-month-old daughter.

The aggrieved party has established a committee under the coordination of Ashok Raji, the Acting Chairperson of the Federation of Indigenous Nationalities, Surkhet. Additionally, a joint team of the Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) and the National Human Rights Commission of Karnali Province met the family of the victim and conducted a discussion regarding the incident on May 6.

During the discussion, Loknath Bastola, Chief of the National Human Rights Commission Karnali Province Office stated that  they requested necessary documents from the hospital and the Ministry of Social Development to understand the depth of the incident.  He added that they initiated this action  after the incident came out through the media and will move forward by  thoroughly understanding the truth behind the incident.

Similarly, Narayan Subedi, the Coordinator of INSEC Karnali Province Office, Surkhet stated that they are coordinating with the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary and other relevant bodies of Karnali Province regarding the incident. He further assured that if the incident was really caused due to the negligence of the doctor, they are committed to ensuring justice for the victim. Additionally, they are preparing to draw the attention of the civil society to address this matter in a few days.

The medical recorder officer and information officer of the provincial hospital Binod Basnet said that no agreement could be reached even after the discussions were held for three to four stages. He added that even when the hospital was positive about investigating the incident by forming an inquiry committee, the victim’s family did not agree.

The victim’s family has been demanding relief, compensation, formation of an investigation committee and action against the guilty along with education, health, upbringing and employment of the child of the victim. Furthermore, Govinda Gurung the father of the deceased has stated that the body will not be taken from the hospital until their demands are met.

Jagatdal Janala BK