Bill on Formation of Madhesi Commission presented in Parliament

  November 13, 2016 By: INSEC

The government has presented the bill in the parliament regarding the formation of Madhesi Commission. The government has presented the bill in order to end ill practices and exploitation and to formulate policy and program for implementation in order to empower the community.

The to be formed commission will recommend the government to formulate a especial program to empower Madhesi community which are lagging behind economically and socially.

The bill includes the operation of awareness program for the protection, promotion and empowerment of Madhesi Community. Similarly, it will recommend the government for the protection of Madhesi language, script, culture, history, religion, art and literature and formulating a program.

Similarly, the bill states that the commissioner in this commission will only be illegible who has spent at least ten years in the welfare of Madhesi Community along with the protection and promotion of human rights and empowerment.


Vibek Dhungana