Beneficiaries Suffering Due to Lack of Misinformation

  April 22, 2021 By: INSEC

Senior citizens who visited the banks to collect their social security allowance after learning that it will be distributed only for two days in four months have complained that they have to suffer a lot during the process.

The senior citizens complained that they suffered after the government made arrangements to provide security allowance through the banking system and the senior citizens understood that the bank would distribute the allowance only for two days.

Shoradaram Thapa informed that they are facing a problem as they come from far to get the allowance and have to wait in a long line.

All the local levels update the list of senior citizens every three months and call them to collect their allowance at once due to which the banks are crowded during these days.

Locals have stated that the banks in which the allowance is deposited are not located at every local level, which increases the crowd.

Chief of Nepal Bank Limited Rukum Branch, Shasiram KC, said that the problem arose when the stakeholders did not provide information about the time and process of receiving the allowance to the senior citizens.

He said that it was necessary to explain to the senior citizens that the money received by the senior citizens would be secured in the account and that the amount would always be taken on the basis of convenience.

Administrative Officer of Musikot Municipality Narabir Khadka said that the allowance would be kept in the account of the senior citizens as it would be safe to deposit the allowance in the account.

He has admitted that the senior citizens have not been able to inform that the allowance will be withdrawn at any time.

Manisha KC