Beneficiaries Face Problem after Health Post was Used to Park Bikes

  May 3, 2021 By: INSEC

Ten bikes brought for the ward chairpersons of Adanchuli Rural Municipality have been kept in the building of the health post of the rural municipality.

A local Jhul Bahadur Thapa complained that a motorcycle was parked around the patient’s bed at the health post in Adanchuli Rural Municipality-3, Srinagar and the health post was like a garage.

Dhanraj Dhami, another local, said, health posts are sensitive area and patients and their relatives are being troubled due to the parking of motorcycles of the people’s representatives. He added, that this started in the July of 2020.

“It would have been exemplary if the local level had bought ambulances, health equipment and medicines instead of buying bikes for the representatives,” said Dhanraj.

Locals of Srinagar have complained that they are not getting maternity services in every ward and rooms are being filled with unrelated items instead of medicines and health equipment.

Nanda Singh