Bardiya Prison Faces Overcrowding Issue

  March 29, 2024 By: INSEC

The Bardiya prison is currently experiencing overcrowding as a result the prisoners are facing discomfort in living.

Jailer Kashi Prasad Pangeni of Bardiya Jail reported that the jail currently holds 451 people including 351 detainees, 146 prisoners and three dependent children. Among them 49 are housed in the women’s cell, while 422 are in the men’s cell. The total capacity of Bardiya Jail is 125 for men and 25 for women. Pangeni informed that  due to the three times more prisoners than its capacity has created difficulties in the prison.

Jailer Khusiram Chaudhary stated that the prisoners are facing difficulties in sleeping due to overcrowding, the kitchen is congested, there is a shortage of drinking water, and the exercise room is inadequate. He mentioned that despite prisons being correctional institutions as per the Constitution of Nepal,  they fail to fulfill this role in practice. He added that even the  minimum requirements of human rights are not met within the prison premises.

He highlighted issues such as inadequate drinking water, delays in medical treatment, and the absence of recreational facilities like playgrounds. Choudhary also emphasized the importance of ensuring legal treatment for the innocent individuals who got into jail.

Bimala Subedi, Chairperson of the Law, Justice, and Human Rights Committee, outlined plans to address the human rights situation in prisons. She mentioned that the committee will identify issues requiring legal improvement, provide recommendations to the government, and make its findings public after conducting a thorough review and preparing a report.

Chief District Officer Ved Prasad Kharel highlighted the inadequacy of physical infrastructure in Bardiya prison. The INSEC district representative highlighted the need for addressing problems caused by overcrowding in Bardiya prison, including issues like insufficient infrastructure, lack of water and toilets, and inadequate living spaces.

Prakash Poudel