Banned CPN Cadres Arrested

  December 10, 2020 By: INSEC

Police have arrested the District Committee Vice-Chairperson and District Member of the banned CPN on December 7.

According to DSP Thaga Bahadur KC of District Police Office, Rukum West, Baburam Bishwakarma, 23, District Vice-Chairperson of Aathabiskot Municipality-3, and Shiva BK, 23, District Member of the same place were arrested from Pedibazar of Saniveri Rural Municipality-3.

According to DSP KC, the accused were arrested after receiving information that the organization was expanding its activities through clandestine activities.

According to Dr. Mahesh Chaulagain, the accused were examined at the District Hospital, Salle on December 8.

Manisha KC