Demo Polling at Darchula, Ballot Boxes Airlifted by Security Personnel

  May 10, 2022 By: INSEC

The District Election Office has organized a sample polling on May 9, 2022 before local level election.

A sample voting program has been held on the open platform at the district headquarters Khalanga targeting the local level election to be held on May 13.

District Election Officer Pradip Singh Dhami informed that the sample polling program was organized by the District Election Office with the objective of helping to decrease the number of spoilt votes.

According to Election Officer Dhami, out of 156 participants in the sample voting, 16 were spoilt.

This time, the voter education program has not been conducted in the district and the parties have formed an alliance because of which it has been assumed that many votes might be spoilt.

According to Election Officer Dhami, the District Election Office is preparing to provide information about voter education in every polling station on the day before the election.

Ballot Boxes Airlifted to Tinkar and Chhanguru Due to Lack of Roads

A six-member team led by Mohan Singh Dhami, a polling officer at Moti Mahila Organization Basic Tinkar of  Byans Rural Municipality-1 and Chandra Dev Joshi, a polling officer at Kailashpati Basic School Chhangaru polling station have left for Chhangaru and Tinkar with a Nepal Army helicopter on May 9.

Tinkar is a village on the border of Nepal and China and Chhangru is a village on the border of Nepal and India. Since there were no roads from Nepal to reach both the villages Nepal Army’s helicopter delivered the ballot boxes.

It takes five days for these two centres, located in the farthest part of the district, Byans Rural Municipality Ward No. 1, to pass through Nepal.


There are 231 voters in Tinkar and 365 voters in Chhangaru. However, there is a possibility of a 50 percent drop in votes in both the villages.

Navi, Gunji and Kuti villages encroached by India are also close to Chhangaru. The census of these three villages was conducted using satellite technology. However, these three villages have not been involved in the election. These villages are still encroached by India.

Voters from Chhangaru and Tinkar villages have just reached the village using the Indian route. They have been living in Khalanga district headquarters for six months and Chhangaru Tinkar for six months.


As the border is sealed for 72 hours and the polling station is far away, the senior citizens, midwives and locals who have been taking care of their children in Khalanga, the headquarters, have been deprived of voting.

Nine local level staffs have been deployed in the district for the local level election to be held on May 13.

They have left for the polling station after receiving election materials and documents from the office of the Chief Election Officer at Khalanga and the District Election Office.


According to Ganesh Bista, Information Officer at the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, as of  May 9, more than 90 polling officers have left for the polling booths to collect the election materials and only the nearest polling stations are left to send the election materials.

A total of 1,081 staffs, including 139 polling officers and 139 assistant polling officers, have been mobilized in the district for the upcoming local elections, according to the Office of the Chief Election Officer.


There are 110 polling stations and 139 polling booths in nine local levels of the district.

There are 88,285 voters. Out of the total voters, 43,174 are women and 45,111 are male voters, according to the District Election Office.

Chief District Officer Dir Gharaj Upadhyaya said that the security forces have adopted a three-tier security strategy for the security of the polling station.

He said that 11 polling stations have been placed on the most vulnerable list after assessing the risk from the point of view of security.


Narendra Singh Karki