Bajura: Dead Bodies Unattended Even on the Fourth Day

  November 23, 2022 By: INSEC

The dead bodies of the victims of the scuffle that took place at the polling station of Triveni Municipality-7, Nateswari Basic School has still not been attended. Today is the fourth day.

Sanjeev Aidi had died due to the firing of the police on November 20 after a scuffle at the polling station established in Nateswari Basic School, Triveni Municipality- 7. Sanjeev’s dead body is still in the premises of the school even on the fourth day of the incident.

After Sanjeev’s death, the cadres of Nepali Congress had beaten Chetan Aidi in aggression. Chetan too lost his life during treatment on November 20.

Chetan was the central member of ANNFSU, his dead body was brought to District Hospital, Bajura’s morgue from Bayalpatan Hospital on November 22. Both the dead bodies have not been cremated yet.

The clash had started after the cadres of Congress had tried to snatch the ballot boxes after the police blank fired to control the situation.

The bullet hit Sanjeev’s chest and he died on the spot. As a result of his death, the cadres had gone to Chetan’s house in aggression and beaten him to death.

Constable Krishna Kunwar, locals Parshuram Upadhyay and Khadak Aidi were also injured in the incident.

Chief District Officer Prakash Chandra Adhikari says efforts are being made for the cremation of the dead bodies.

DSP Surya Thapa of the District Police Office said that a complaint has been filed against 22 people for being involved in the murder of Chetan, and the incident is being investigated.

He said that the process of arresting the persons mentioned in the complaint is being prepared.

CPN-UML stands on the opinion that the body should not be received until those involved in Chetan Aidi’s murder are arrested and the truth about the murder of Sanjeev Aidi who died due to police fire is not exposed. They have also specified that the culprits should be prosecuted and justice should be given to the family.

Padam Bahadur Singh