Attention Drawn To The District Administration For Immediate Staffing In The Office

  September 26, 2023 By: INSEC

INSEC online published a news headline on September 12 with the title, “The office has been without staff for a week, the beneficiaries have not been able to get citizenship” after the distribution of citizenship was stopped for three weeks at the administration office, Narakot, due to lack of staff.

After the citizenship distribution work stopped for a long time, organizations such as the Human Rights Defenders Network, INSEC, and the Federation of Journalists in Jumla have collectively urged attention on September 25, emphasizing the urgent need for staff appointments at the administration office.

After the distribution of the citizenship was hampered due to the lack of officials, the District Administration Office Jumla has drawn the attention of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The District Administration Office in Jumla was established as the administrative center for Hima, Sinja, and Kanaka Sundari Rural Municipalities.Mandatta Rawal, INSEC district representative has conveyed that a letter of concern has been submitted, highlighting the delay in sending the required official-level staff despite the posting of positions since 2016.

The responsibility of distributing citizenship had been assigned to a Non-Gazetted First Class officer. He mentioned that for the past three weeks, Surat Giri, a Non-Gazetted First-Class officer, was transferred to other locations after completing his assigned time period, which has consequently affected the distribution of citizenship.It has been demanded to hire employees immediately.

Raj Bahadur Mahat, Coordinator of Human Rights Defender Network Jumla, said that the situation of having to bring the citizenship to the headquarters to sign it should end immediately. He expressed his disappointment that despite the local administration’s efforts over the past three weeks, the issue of staffing has not been addressed.’

Chief District Officer Jai Kumar Ghimire said that the Home Ministry informed that they could not send staff immediately although the ministry is aware about the suffering of the citizens due to lack of staff. Hiring employees immediately is challenging, but efforts are underway to address the staffing issue.

Maan Dutta Rawal