Arrested on Charge of Racial Discrimination and Domestic Violence

  November 10, 2019 By: INSEC

Police have arrested Chitra Bahadur Khamcha, 26, of Sarumarani rural municipality-5 on charge of racially discriminating and exiling 24 years old wife Susila Kami from her home on 9 November.

Victim kami said that her husband, father in law and her mother in law scolded and misbehaved with her by giving her racial slurs and saying that you come to our house for our property and exiled her from home.

Inspector Lokendra GC of District police office said victim kami has filed a complaint on 8 November seeking justices.

As per Inspector GC the couple did love marriage in 2012 and they got one child.

Victim kami added she was exiled from home on 27 October after continuous domestic violence and torture.

Rabindra Pandey