Around 64.28 Percent of Female Health Volunteers Are Out of Reach of Insurance

  April 25, 2024 By: INSEC

The Health Insurance Board of Bardiya has stated that 64.28% of female health volunteers are out of reach of health insurance in Bardiya.

Manju Yadav, one of the female health volunteers of Gulariya Municipality-7 expressed that despite having health insurance earlier, she could not renew it due to her financial condition.She added that the facilities they receive as health volunteers are very low.

Female Health Volunteers have played a vital role in lowering the infant and maternal mortality rate in Nepal. They have contributed by reaching out to cities and rural areas to advocate about health and worked as a mediator in accessing health facilities to women in pregnancy and postpartum period.However, it is unfair to see that these women are themselves deprived from health insurance in Bardiya.

Similarly, Sushila Giri of Madhuwan Municipality-6 also expressed that she could not get health insurance due to her financial condition. As a health volunteer it is difficult for them to manage household expenses so getting  insurance doesn’t fall into their priority. She further raised her concern over the need for the government to provide free health insurance to the health volunteers.

Rupesh Acharya from the Health Insurance Board stated that the board offers a 50% discount on treatment expenses for the families of health volunteers. He added that the volunteers just have to provide the identity card in order to get the discount.

Gorkana Giri, Senior Public Health Officer said that it is a serious matter that female health volunteers are out of reach of health insurance and it is necessary to bring them to access health insurance. He further added that since the local level provides facilities to the female health volunteers, they will discuss with the health branch at the local level and take initiatives to solve this matter.

There are 837 female health volunteers in Bardiya according to the Health Office. Out of which only 35.72 % of women are getting health insurance while 64.28% of them are beyond the reach of it.

Prakash Poudel