Application Lodged at INSEC for Initiating Support

  September 5, 2016 By: INSEC

A victim’s brother Ganesh Singh Bohara of Baitadi, Dilasaini VDC-1 has lodged an application at INSEC urging to initiate the whereabouts of his brother Dev Singh Bohara working at army headquarter of Dipayal who has been given mental and physical torture on charge of missing arms and ammunitions from the headquarter before his disappearance.

He said that his brother was given severe torture during an investigation of missing  arms from Doti on August 6. He further demanded to make his whereabouts public and lodged an application at INSEC on September 5.

The application states that constable dev Singh Bohara and his team was given a severe torture in the name of investigation. The victim’s brother said that he was not even given permission to meet his brother. He urged INSEC to find out what had happened to his brother.

The victim’s brother has also corresponded NHRC regional office of Dhangadhi to investigate and study about the incident according to INSEC regional coordinator Khadga Raj Joshi.

Acting director Mohan Dev Joshi of NHRC regional office said that the commission will immediately initiate monitoring process to find the fact.

Sumitra Bhattarai