Appeal Made To Improve Torture Control Bill

  September 2, 2016 By: INSEC

The Accountability Watch Committee (AWC) and Democratic Freedom and Human Rights Organization has drawn its attention over the publication of news on bill regarding  torture and inhumane behaviour which is pending from a long time  and in a process of issue as an Act.

Both organizations have jointly released a press statement on September 2 and appealed for the improvement of the bill.

“We have a serious concern over this bill. It is essential to conduct a proper study on improvement part of this bill as this bill has an international concern to stop and control torture. The committee believes that it is essential to conduct counselling, discussion program with expert before approving this bill as an Act,” the release states.

The committee said that atrocities from state actor is only included in the bill which is one sided and incomplete. It also appealed to follow the norms of Geneva Convention against torture and make this bill complete. The committee draws attention to include conflict related torture within the jurisdiction of the bill.

The statement demanded for the proper study of the bill before its issuance as it has many parts for an improvement.

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