ANNFSU Alleges Police Assault Resulted in Injuries to Two Activists

  September 21, 2023 By: INSEC

ANNFSU alleges that police assaulted two activists during a peaceful protest in Dhulikhel Municipality on September 18, 2080.

22-year-old Pravin Paudel, Mandan Deupur Municipality-7 and 23-year-old Sajan Tamang, Melamchi Municipality, Sindhupalchok were injured during the assault. The health treatment of the injured is being done at Scheer Memorial Hospital, Banepa.

ANNFSU on September 18 released a statement regarding the incident and expressed their objection against SP Bhupendra Purush of Kavre for instructing a team of seven individuals to physically assault the protesters to disband the demonstration.

The statement outlines that members of the ANNFSU District Committee conducted a peaceful protest in Dhulikhel to voice their concerns over the alleged vehicular incident resulting in the fatalities of their fellow activists, the Coordinator, and Secretary of the Sindhupalchok District Committee. However, on September 17, SP Bhupendra Purush reportedly ordered the dispersal of the protesters through the excessive use of force by Nepal Police officers during the demonstration. The ANFSU Kavre District Committee vehemently condemns these actions.

In their statement, ANNFSU appealed for a serious investigation into the incident and urged authorities to take action against SP Bhuprenda Purush and other police officers involved. They also demanded an immediate apology for the incident.

Sumitra Acharya