Allegation of Domestic Violence Against  Government Employee

  December 11, 2023 By: INSEC

Nirmala Acharya, 38, Chief of the Women, Children, and Senior Citizens Branch, Bhairabi Rural Municipality – 4 was subjected to severe physical assault by her husband, Namraj Sharma Rijal, 41, employed in the Ministry of Social Development of the Karnali Province Government.

The victim sustained a significant eye injury during the assault that occurred at her residence on the morning of December 9, with visible shoe imprints found on her back and thighs.

The victim’s brother, Hari Acharya, reported that following initial treatment in the village, she has been admitted to Karnali Province Hospital for further medical care.

The victim informed INSEC that while she was en route to a 16-day campaign against gender violence, in accordance with the scheduled program of Bhairabi Rural Municipality, she was assaulted due to a dispute over riding in a motorcycle of  male employee from the office.

The accused stated that,  “It was a regular conversation, and while  slapping,  the wrist watch accidentally caused injury to the eye. When going somewhere or doing something, you have to be consulted, this is the reason for the dispute.”

Inspector Kamal Lamsal of the district police office informed that he received a verbal complaint about the incident.He added that upon the victim’s return after receiving treatment and filing a written complaint, they will proceed with the further legal process.

Sunita Sunar