Agitation of Inmates and detainees affects the internal management of the prison 

  May 19, 2019 By: INSEC

The internal administration of the prison is obstructed due to the ongoing agitation by the inmates and detainees. 

The inmates and detainees are in agitation demanding the action against prison guard Dhiraj Parajuli, 42, leaders Keshav Saru,39 , Indra Ramjali,42 and Nawa Raj Devkota,32 on charge of financial irregularities in the prison. 

The inmates and detainees have restricted guard Parajuli, leader Saru , Ramjali and Devkota from May 18 and they are set to District Police Office of Surkhet for safety according to the police. 

The prison administration is however claiming that the inmates and detainees are politically motivated, Prior to this incident, there was a clash between the inmates and detainees. 

Durga Thapa