Aggrieved Party Protest Over Delay in Postmortem Due to Non-availability of Forensic Specialist

  May 17, 2024 By: INSEC

The aggrieved party have started a protest demanding the postmortem of their 17-year-old daughter to be done in  the Dhaulagiri Hospital, Baglung.

A case of a 17-year-old girl being found hanging in her house on the evening of May 14 was filed at the District Police Office. The complaint was against the deceased’s husband and mother-in-law under the charge of killing. Subsequently, the Police arrested both of the accused, 17-year-old husband, and 37- year- old mother, on 15 May for the charge of torturing and killing the victim.

The body of the girl has been kept in Dhaulagiri Hospital, Baglung. District Police Office Baglung and the hospital administration had prepared to send the body to Pokhara on May 16 as there was no forensic specialist in Dhaulagiri Hospital Baglung for the post-mortem.  However, after the deceased’s family insisted on conducting the postmortem in Baglung, a meeting was held on May 17 including the representatives from the hospital, the victim’s family, investigating party, public representatives, and health workers. Subsequently,  they urged the Ministry of Social Development and Health to send a forensic expert to the Dhaulagiri Hospital.

Dr. Ravi Ranjan Pradhan, Chief Medical Superintendent of Dhaulagiri Hospital in Baglung, stated that in accordance with the meeting’s decision, the Ministry was promptly notified both in writing and verbally. The ministry informed that a specialist forensic team will be sent to Dhaulagiri Hospital Baglung and conduct a post-mortem on the bodymon on May 18. Pradhan further expressed his disappointment at witnessing people raise slogans in a sensitive environment such as a hospital even after helding a meeting to address the issue.

The aggrieved party staged the protest in front of the Police Administration, and the hospital raising slogans demanding action against the accused and, urging to conduct the postmortem of the body in Baglung.

Srijana Panta