Aftershock Earthquake in Rukum West Results in Seven More Injured

  November 7, 2023 By: INSEC

DSP Namraj Bhattarai of District Police Office reported that the aftershock earthquake, with its epicenter in Ramidada, Jajarkot, has resulted in injuries to seven individuals. Among them, four are from Athabiskot Municipality in Rukum West, two from Chaurjahari Municipality, and one from Sanibheri Rural Municipality.

According to Rabi KC, Chief of Athabiskot Municipality, the injured individuals in the second earthquake include 37-year-old Birbahdur Budha, 30-year-old Subasana Agri, 22-year-old Suraj BK, and 5-year-old Gyanil Bk, all from Ward No. 11 and Ward No. 12.

KC informed that the injured people have been admitted to the city hospital in Radibajar for treatment after rescuing them.Similarly, 15-year-old Lakshmi Nepali of Chaurajahari Municipality-4 and 31-year-old Udayaraj Kami of Ward No. 7, who were injured in the earthquake, are being treated at Chaurajahari Hospital.

An injured person from Sanibheri Rural Municipality-4 Amlatakura is being treated at Chote Bagar Hospital  Sanibheri Rural Municipality. Police informed that the condition of the injured is normal.


Hira Pariyar