Acts of Aggression Targeting Artists During Cultural Event

  October 24, 2023 By: INSEC

During a cultural program organized by the Sri Sri 108 Sri Durga Puja Mela Committee in Sabala Municipality-3 on October 23, a disturbing incident occurred. TikTok artist Preeti Paswan and her team faced a hostile audience, which resulted in them being pelted with stones and sandals.

The chairman of the fair committee, Ram Ekwal Nayak, explained that this unfortunate incident was instigated by a group of intoxicated boys and was also influenced by political factionalism. However, eyewitnesses shared that the audience began pelting stones, sandals, and even beer bottles at the artists due to the provocative and obscene gestures made during the performance, not limited to artist Preeti Paswan but also involving a local resident named Surendra Pandey, aged 37.

When the local police requested the fair committee to halt the performance due to the inappropriate and riotous behavior, a clash erupted between the police and the audience. The infuriated crowd even resorted to pelting stones at the officers. During the altercation, three police constables, 29-year-old Chandeshwar Paswan, 25-year-old Ashok Rai Yadav, and 23-year-old female constable Tripura Acharya, sustained injuries. They are currently receiving medical treatment at the Sabala Health Treatment Center, with reports suggesting their health is stable.

Santosh Kumar Yadav