Accused Serial Killer Arrested

  September 5, 2016 By: INSEC


Police have arrested Mohamed Rais Miya alias Mohemed Mastikam of Madhubani Laukaha of India currently living in Saraswor VDC-7 of Saptari on September 4. He was arrested on charge of rape and murder.

SP Bhim Prasad Dhakal of DPO Saptari has made public about his arrest in a press meet in Rajbiraj on September 5. The accused was arrested by the police from Tribhuban International airport while he was fleeing with a passport number 07656643 for foreign employment.

Police had exhumed a human skeleton of Sagira Khatun of Paterwa-1 from Kalyanpur VDC-3, Bhadaiya on June 19, 2015 who was murdered after rape.

Similarly, prior to this,about 15 meters away from the same place another human skeleton of her father-in-law Subud Miya was exhumed by the police on May 20. The accused had murdered Subud Miya at first and murdered Sagira and buried her after sexually assaulting her for some days according to the police.

Police had also exhumed a human skeleton of Dulari Devi from Gohaniya of Jandaul VDC-8 on May 10, 2015,who was also involved in a murder of Sagira and Subud Miya. The father-in-law and daughter-in-laws were disappeared from 2012, September 26 whereas Dulari went missing since the last month of November 2013.

The human skeleton of Idris Nut Miya,50 of Jandaul VDC, his 45-year-old wife Jaitun Khatun and 17 years old daughter Serun Khatun was recovered by the police on February 14, 2015 from the house of Siya Ram Yadav at Sunsari Inaruwa-7. They were missing since December 2016.

The same group had murdered Arul Miya of Malhaniya VDC-6 and Pandav Paswan in 2007, May 9, Damber Prasad Bhattari and his wife Kaushila Bhattarai of Jandaul VDC-8 on December 21, 2012 and Nirmala Shah of Trikol VDC-5 on March 15, 2014 by using a sharp weapon.

The nature of murder is similar in all cases as all women were raped, murdered and buried according to the investigating police SP Shisir Karmacharya. The team of police has also arrested seven people involved in these serial killings.

The police investigation has revealed that the group used a similar technique of raping, murdering and burying with the motive of money, said inspector Chhedi lal Kamati.

Former DSP Narayan Prasad Chimariya said that the police operation Sera Kilo was successfully operated.

Police said that the main accused is Miya however the mastermind behind these serial killings is Sakil Hussain of Tikuliya VDC-6, living at Kushah VDC-6 and Gulzar Miya who are in foreign land according to DSP Dan Bahadur Karki. He said that search for them is undergoing.


Manohar Kumar Pokhrel