Accused Sentenced to Seven Years Imprisonment for Crime of Rape

  June 24, 2024 By: INSEC

The District Court sentenced 35-year-old Gorakh Bahadur Budha of Kharpunath Rural Municipality-1 Gopka to seven years imprisonment along with a fine of Rs 3,00,000 for raping a 30-year-old woman.

Registrar Gyan Bahadur Khatri of District Court informed that the bench of Judge Shambhu Prasad Baral decided the following sentence with additional compensation of Rs 30,000 and Rs 1,300 to the victims’ relief fund on 23 June.

The aggrieved filed a complaint at the District Police Office on September 27, 2023 alleging that the accused had raped the victim on September 2.

The police arrested the accused on September 27 and registered a case under the charge of rape. The health examination of the victim woman was done on the same day at the District Hospital.

Nanda Singh