Accused Sentenced to Imprisonment for Crime of Rape

  May 30, 2024 By: INSEC

The District Court on 29 May sentenced 27-year-old Rajkumar Tamang, 31-year-old Budhiman Tamang and 19-year-old Sumit Gurung of Gangajamuna Rural Municipality-3 to imprisonment on the charge of raping a 16-year-old girl.

Registrar Madhav Bhandari of the District Court reported that the bench of Gopal Prasad Bastola sentenced the accused to 12 years imprisonment each. However, due to the nature of their crimes, Rajkumar Tamang was sentenced to an additional two years and imposed a fine of Rs 20,000, while Budhiman Tamang and Sumit Gurung received an additional one year of imprisonment each.

The complaint regarding the case was filed on 15 March 2020 at the District Police Office, Dhading alleging that the group of accused raped the victim on 14 March 2020. The health examination of the victim was done at Dhading Hospital.

The Court stated that the decision in the case was delayed due to the late report from the Nepal Forensic Science Laboratory for DNA testing during the collection of evidence.

Sitaram Adhikari