Accused of Inhuman Behavior Appeared in Court 

  June 11, 2024 By: INSEC

Sobita Yadav, 46, from Rajbiraj Municipality-1 Shivathan appeared in court on June 10 for showing inhuman treatment against 48-year-old Kaili Devi Yadav from the same Municipality. She and the other accused had allegedly beaten up the victim and fed her excrement by accusing her of practicing alleged witchcraft.  Sobita was released on bail of Rs 35,000 by the bench of Judge Udbir Nepali. 

The victim reported that on April 12, 2023, Phulchandra Yadav, 68, of Rajbiraj Municipality-1 Sivathan, his son Surendra Yadav, 48, Sobita Yadav, 46, Chandeshwar Yadav, 51, his brother Hareram Yadav, 35, Sunita Devi Yadav, 34, and Lukhiya Yadav, 49, treated her inhumanly by feeding her excrement and waste accusing her of being an alleged witch. 

After the District Police Office did not register the victim’s complaint, a mandamus was issued on 25 January 2024 according to the petition filed in the bench of High Court Janakpur, Rajbiraj on 21 June 2023.  Subsequently, the victim applied to the District Police Office on February 22, and a complaint was registered on March 6.  

The accused, however, stated that there was a general dispute over land issues and that they did not beat her or accuse her of being a witch.  Surendra and Chandeshwar were arrested on March 29 and a charge sheet was filed in the District Court on April 22.  

The bench of the Shyam Bihari Maurya sent both for pre-trial detention on April 24. However, the other accused  Phulchandra Yadav, Hareram Yadav, Sunita Devi Yadav, and Lukhiya Yadav are currently absconding. 



Manohar Kumar Pokharel