Accused of Human Trafficking Arrested

  August 30, 2023 By: INSEC

A complaint was registered by the victim at the District Police Office in Malangwa on August 29, detailing a case involving a 38-year-old individual named Budhilal, also known as Mohit Khidhri. The accused, Budhilal Khidhri, who resides in Malangwa Municipality-5, Bhandsar, is allegedly involved in an attempted human trafficking incident.

According to the information provided by DSP Dipendra Panjiar Tharu of the District Police Office in Malangwa, the accused Budhilal Khidhri attempted to lure two children to India on August 27. The authorities became suspicious of his activities and initiated an investigation. In response to their suspicions, the accused tried to evade capture by fleeing the scene.

Efforts to locate and apprehend the accused are currently underway, as law enforcement continues to diligently pursue justice in this matter.

Budhan Sah