Accused Arrested for Beating Doctors

  May 24, 2024 By: INSEC

Police arrested two individuals for beating doctors of the Madan Bhandari Hospital and Trauma Center, Urlabari Municipality-3, Manglabare on May 23. The arrests were made in connection with two separate incidents, one involving the beating of Dr. Bromish Budhathoki, 25, of Pathari Shanishare Municipality-1, on May 16, and the other involving the beating of Dr. Anil Yadav, working in emergency service on May 20.
DSP Gyanendra Bahadur Basnet of the District Police Office said that among the arrested were, 36-year-old Suman Shrestha, Regional Chairperson of Rashtriya Swatantra Party, Morang-1 and 46-year-old Pipalraj Giri, the Chairperson of the Manglabare Youth Club.
DSP Basnet said that both the accused were arrested from Bhadrapur Municipality-4, Jhapa on 23 May, 2024 for further investigation. The police subsequently registered a case against the accused in the District Court on June 11 under indecent behavior. Additionally, further preparation to take legal action is going on.
Furthermore, 130 doctors working in the hospital paused the OPD service on May 22 in response to the beating incident of doctors and lack of peace and security in the hospital.
The Declaration on Human Rights Defenders,1998 defines doctors as human rights defenders.

Binod Subedi