A Woman in Postpartum Affected by Earthquake Dies Due to Cold Weather

  December 28, 2023 By: INSEC

24-year-old Kalpana Nepali of Ghartigaon Kushe Rural Municipality-9, who was affected by the earthquake, lost her life on December 27. Harichandra Basnet, the Chairperson of Kushe Rural Municipality, reported that the woman gave birth to two sons on December 3.

Living under a tarpaulin after the November 3 earthquake, she struggled to stay warm and obtain nutritious food. She passed away on the way to the health post while seeking treatment for a cold.

The absence of the government’s promised first installment of Rs. 25,000 out of Rs. 50,000 for temporary accommodation has forced citizens to live under tarpaulin. Pregnant women and children face difficulties due to the lack of warm shelter. Without government-provided temporary housing, pregnant women are at risk of premature mortality.

Dirghajung Singh of Kushe Rural Municipality-9 said that after the earthquake, pregnant women, children, and individuals with chronic illnesses are lacking proper shelter in cold weather, and have lost their lives due to the government’s failure to address the health needs of the affected citizens. He emphasized that, considering the health conditions of the citizens, the government should swiftly construct temporary housing and facilitate a shift from tarpaulin shelters.

The earthquake has resulted in the loss of 30 lives, including homeless pregnant women and chronically ill children. The migration to living under tarpaulin has led to widespread illness among citizens in various locations.

Basudev Sharma