Corona Virus: Status of Province 2

  April 5, 2020 By: INSEC

District Representatives (DRs) have reported that to prevent and control COVID-19 outbreak, there have been various initiatives by Province 2. Suspected cases are kept under quarantine, however, the number of cases are increasing. Province government is coordinating with local government for doing home visit tests to foreign returnees and their families against coronavirus infection. Essential foodgrains are provided to daily-waged labourer families and marginalized community.

Dhanusha District Representative Dipendra Prasad Singh has reported that Province Assembly Member Kishori Shah Kamal has donated this month’s salary to Corona Virus emergency fund. Likewise, ministers, government officials, and civil society organizations are contributing to the emergency fund.

Provincial Hospital Janakpur has started coronavirus testing from April 3 with RT-PCR equipment. Chief Minister (CM) Lal babu Raut who is leading “Corona Pandemic Control Directorial Committee (CPCDC)” initiated to establish RT-PCR in the provincial hospital. Social Development Ministry of the Province has been instructed by CPCDC to install RT-PCR in the hospitals of major trade centres such as Biragunj and Rajabiraj and to establish 50 Ventilators with Intensive Care Unit (ICU) service in several hospitals of the province. CM Raut has informed that Narayani Sub-Regional Hospital will be equipped with 10 ventilators and 5 ventilators in each of the remaining 6 district hospitals.

CPCDC meeting decided to create a flexible procurement plan to buy much-needed equipment for coronavirus prevention and control. With the realization of technical action plans needed to fight against this pandemic, experts that included Dr Ram Keval Shah, Dr Surendra Yadav, Dr Pravin Mishra, Dr Kashikant Jha, Dr Bijay Kumar Singh, Dr Gariv Dash Thakur and Dr JK Lal, formed an advisory committee. The committee will be responsible for providing suggestions and formulate policies and programs to combat coronavirus effects in the region. The meeting held on last Friday decided to maintain model quarantine in province, install ICU in the hospitals, and provide ambulance service in 8 districts.

CM Raut has said that there will be no compromise in ensuring effective precaution against this global pandemic, and province government relies heavily on experts and advisory committee‘s suggestions.

According to Saptari District Representative Manohar Pokhrel, the numbers of the people who are staying in quarantine have reached a total of 254 in Saptari. Muslim pilgrim returnees, 12 female and 242 male are kept in quarantine in 31 different isolation shelters of the district since April 2.

According to Public Health Focal person Dambar Lal Yadav, 15 male on April 2, and a female and 7 male are discharged from quarantine on April 3. For the first time, 9 test samples are sent to BP Koirala Institute of Health and Sciences to get tested. The foreign returnees’ swab samples have been sent and their health condition seems normal as notified by Gajendra Narayan Singh Hospital Rajbiraj.

In Gajendra Narayan Singh Hospital’s “Fever Clinic,” people are being tested for fever. Among them, 32 people are kept in home quarantine and 13 are staying in local government’s quarantine shelters under strict observation. Fever Clinic service is installed since March 22 and a total of 207 people have been tested until April 3.

According to Sarlahi District Representative Budhan Shah, the recent foreign returnees number has reached 47 in the district. Quarantine shelters under the supervision of different local governments with a total capacity of 366 people have been maintained with medical and foods services. But the shelters are lacking in sufficient ventilators, medical and standard PPE equipment even for medical personnel.

The Dev Policlinic Hospital of Mangalawa Municipality has refused to provide health services for the sick.

For an estimated 20 thousand landless people of Bagmati Municipality, it is getting harder to fulfil their daily needs due to the extended lockdown. The municipality has categorized the landless people based on their economic condition and the poorest of them will receive essential goods from the local government. The municipality mayor has said that to provide basic food items to the landless and daily wage earners it will cost a huge amount. Since the very local government alone is not capable of allocating sufficient budget, the provincial government is requested to help support these people. In Bagmati municipality, 20 beds quarantine shelters have been established where 2 suspected people are kept at the moment. Daily meetings are held in the municipality to combat coronavirus outbreak.

The test results of suspected 3 foreign returnees whose test samples were sent to Teku hospital, Kathmandu came negative.

Health workers of Chandranagar Rural Municipality are carrying out door to door health test for the foreign returnees and conducting coronavirus awareness-raising programs for the community people. Since this is one of the high-risk municipalities, such programs are in full implementation. Health workers are provided standard PPE equipment for their safety.

According to Mahottari District Representative Ajay Kumar Shah, to prevent coronavirus spread, quarantine shelters have been established in local levels. Until April 3, 14 people were kept in quarantine. Sonam Rural Municipality Health Coordinator Shiva Shankar Yadav has informed that 2 people are admitted to a 50-bedded quarantine shelter. In Aurahi shelter, a capacity of 14 beds, 11 people are kept in quarantine as informed by Aurahi Municipality Health coordinator Rabindra Kumar Yadav. Likewise, quarantine shelter of Gaushala Municipality has a capacity of 15 beds and 1 person is kept in the shelter. In Ramgopalpur Municipality 20 bed capacity and Bedarloharpatti Municipality 15 bed capacity quarantine shelters have been established.

According to Bara District Representative Bholanath Poudel, 10 Muslim Pilgrims who returned from India are sheltered in Corona Virus (COVID-19) temporary hospital of Jitpur Simara Sub-Metropolitan, Bara. Senior Public Health Administrator has said that under Government’s guidelines, the temporary hospital has 50 quarantine beds and 26 isolation beds and it has started to provide services since April 3. Area Administration Office Chief Krishna Gaire informed that they were kept in quarantine immediately after their arrival on April 3. The municipality has established 500-bedded quarantine shelter in A Garment Company of Pathalaiya.


Province Two Office, INSEC