Update of Sudurpaschim Province, Election of the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly 2022

  November 16, 2022 By: INSEC

According to Kailali Representative Mainamoti Chaudhary, three written complaints have been filed in the office of the Chief Election Officer till November 15, alleging violation of the code of conduct. On the charge of violating the election code of conduct issued for the election, two of those against whom the complaint was filed for hanging election campaign materials in public transport autorickshaws and public places, distributing cash to entice voters and have removed the pamphlets. Ram Prasad Joshi, the information officer of the Chief Election Officer’s office, said that the mayor of Godavari Municipality, Birendra Bhatta, had included the cadres of another party into their party just before election.

According to Baitadi Representative Nari Badu, the Chief Election Officer Jayanand Paneru said that the training of polling officers has been completed and the distribution of voting materials has started. According to him, 1,700 employees will work in the polling booths and have been trained for voting materials have been handed over. Chief District Officer Suresh Panti said that in this district, which has 211 polling centres and 129 polling stations, 2,500 security personnel have been deployed for polling.

According to INSEC Darchala representative Narendrasingh Karki, Shankar Singh Dhami, an independent candidate for the Provincial Assembly Constituency No. 1 (A), submitted a petition to the office of the Chief Election Officer on November 15, demanding that voters should be allowed to vote by themselves in order to make the elections clean and free. Dhami said that if the voter cannot vote by himself during the election, he will be deprived of the right to vote, and this action will raise questions about fair and clean elections. It has been demanded to remove the system of voting through the kin of persons other than those who have disabilities. Dhami, a candidate for the post of Provincial Assembly member, has also demanded that no person other than a family member should be allowed to assist those people with disability.

According to Bajura representative Padam Bahadur Singh, after the training organized by the District Election Office for the elections, the Election Officers and Assistant Polling Officers have started to go to their assigned areas taking election materials. On November 15, election materials and ballot papers were handed over to the polling officers of Wards No. 1, 2 and 3 of Swamikartik Khapar Rural Municipality, Ward No. 1, 2 and 3 of Himali Rural Municipality, the most distant and remote rural municipality of the district. Navaraj Awasthi, the Election Officer of the District Election Office, said that 993 employees have been mobilized with election materials in 70 polling stations in the district. There are 70 polling stations and 112 polling stations in the district.

According to Kanchanpur representative Lily Kunwar, security vigilance has been increasingly targeting the security of the representative and provincial assembly elections to be held on the 4th of November. In order to conduct the elections for the members of the House of Representatives and the members of the Provincial Assembly to be held in a clean, fair and fear-free environment, the border posts with India will be closed from 12 midnight on November 17 to midnight of November 20 and the security arrangements have been tightened in the border areas from today before this, in the coordination meeting with the border Indian security officials, to control the criminal activities in the border area, to seal the border area for 72 hours until the election day, to stop illegal activities from the border area, illegal weapons, drug trafficking, human trafficking etc. Chief District Officer of Kanchanpur Aryal said that security agencies will remain active on both sides.

According to Dadeldhura district representative Bhupendra Bista, although the Election Commission has issued a code of conduct that states that the elected representatives of the local level are not allowed to campaign and solicit votes, the representatives of the Amargadhi Municipality are asking for votes in the favour of the candidates. Dilliraj Joshi, Deputy Mayor Parvati Devi Jhukal and Tank Chhetri, Ward Chairperson of Amargarhi Municipality-5, who were elected from Nepali Congress in Amargarhi Municipality, were found to be soliciting votes for their party candidates.

INSEC Sudurpaschim Province Office, Dhangadi