Update of Karnali Province, Election of the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly 2022

  November 16, 2022 By: INSEC

According to Salyan Representative, Meena Budhathoki, as the elections for the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly members are approaching, during the election campaigning in Sharda Municipality-8 Simkhark village of Salyan district, poles with election symbols hung by CPN (UML), Nepali Congress and CPN-Unified Socialist contrary to the code of conduct have been found.

According to Surkhet Representative Prabha Kumari Rawat, as the election day is approaching, the state election officer Durga Prasad Chalise said that the materials required for the election are being packed. He said that the necessary materials such as ballot paper, Swastika stamp etc. were packed on November 15. In addition, the election commission has completed sample voting in Birendranagar municipality and Chinggad rural municipality on November 15 to prevent invalid votes. Provincial election officer Chalise has informed that 590 officers and assistant election officers will be deployed in the Surkhet district.

According to Jumla representative Mandatta Rawal, 13 candidates from different political parties and independents candidate are competing in the election. Jumla has one constituency for the election of the House of Representatives in which there are four candidates and there are two candidates for the Provincial Assembly in which there are nine candidates. In the district, Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party, CPN-UML, CPN-Maoist Center and RPP have registered their candidacy in the House of Representatives. According to the District Election Office, Jumla, 83 polling stations and 106 polling centres and two temporary polling centres will be set up in Jumla for the election. There are a total of 68,638 voters in the district. According to the office, there are 36 thousand 783 voters for the provincial assembly election constituency (a) and 31 thousand 855 voters in the provincial assembly election constituency (b). Mukesh Kumar Keshari, Coordinator and Chief District Officer of the District Election Operation Committee, said that 848 employees and 1,800 security personnel will be mobilized in the district for the limited police election.

According to Rukum (West) Representative Manisha KC, District Election Office, Rukum West has started the distribution of election materials. Kumari Rima Malla, head of the election office, informed that the distribution of materials required for the polling stations has started from November 14. According to him, on November 15, voting materials were distributed to the polling stations in Chaurjahari Municipality, Sanibhari Rural Municipality and Banfikot Rural Municipality. The election programs of political parties in Rukum West have been peaceful.

According to Kalikot Representative, Kali Bahadur Malla, women health volunteers and ward employees are providing voter education in 82 wards of nine local levels in Kalikot district. Also, Dhan Bahadur Malla, Information Officer of the District Election Office, Calikot has informed that the District Election Office is conducting sample voting in different places of the district. According to him, materials are being distributed to polling officers of Narharinath, Pachaljharna, Palata, Sannitriveni rural municipality and Raskot municipality.

According to Dolpa Representative Bishnu Prasad Devkota, it has been found that the ruling coalition parties have held election meetings in schools against the election code of conduct. Dhan Bahadur Budha of CPN- Unified Socialist who is a candidate for the House of Representatives on behalf of the ruling coalition party, Bir Bahadur Shahi of CPN Maoist, the candidate for Karnali Provincial Assembly Constituency No. (A), Dipendra Bahadur Shahi, the candidate of Provincial Assembly (A) of Nepali Congress held an assembly in the school.

According to Mugu Representative Jeevan Sejuwal, the CPN-UML and ruling alliance parties who participated in the election in the district have put up colourful posters, pamphlets and flashboards against the election code of conduct. According to Chief Election Officer Govinda Acharya, the office of the Chief Election Officer has verbally alerted the parties to remove the materials posted against the code of conduct and requested them not to do other unethical actions.

According to Jajarkot representative Dinesh Shrestha, security personnel along with voting materials and polling officers have left for the polling station from the headquarters in Jajarkot. District Election Officer Nabin Kathayat said that the voting material for 35 polling stations of Barekot Rural Municipality, Kushe Rural Municipality, and Junichande Rural Municipality of Jajarkot along with polling officers and security personnel have already received all the necessary materials for voting from the District Election Office and have gone to the polling station.

INSEC Karnali Province Office, Birendranagar