Council Takes Action Against 139 Medias Violating the Code of Conduct

  May 11, 2022 By: INSEC

Press Council Nepal has taken action against 139 media outlets for publishing/broadcasting news against the election code of conduct.

A statement issued by the Information Officer of the Council, Ram Sharan Bohora, on May 10 stated that 150 news were published/broadcast against the election code of conduct from 139 media houses during the period from April 9 to May 10.

According to the statement, 44 web portals publishing news against the code of conduct have been banned from disseminating news within Nepal.

During the same period, the Council directed 81 media outlets to be vigilant in adhering to the Code of Conduct and alerted 17 media outlets.

In the same period, at the request of the Election Commission, the Council also drew the attention of 29 journalists seeking campaigning or votes in favour of a particular party or candidate through Facebook.

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Bimal Paudel