12 Years Old Boy in a Chain from Three Years

  August 12, 2016 By: INSEC

A mentally retarded 12-years-old Babu Ram Nepali from Bangi VDC-6 is tied in a chain by his family since three years in order to control him. Instead of getting him a treatment, he is tied in a chain by his parents.

He is not able to move or walk. His legs were tied with Nylon rope. He has some wounds and bruises in his legs.

His mother Tulsa Nepali said that he was tied in a rope because he use to flee from the house and it is difficult to find him once he is free. “Our economic condition is very weak and we cannot get him treated” said Tulsa. She further pleaded for help.

She said that the boy do not have a disabled identity card so that he is deprived of services provided by the government. The women and children office said that they will initiate to make a identity card for him.

Narayan Bhushal