on July 27, a dead body of 13 years old Nirmala Pant of Bhimdatta Municipality-2 Ultakham was recovered from the sugar cane field near the road at Nimbukheda in Bhimdatta Municipality-18. She went missing from the midday of July 26 soon after she went to see her friend Roshani Bom in her house. The Family member of Nirmala was worried as she did not returned back home till late on that day. The incident of her killing after rape was made viral in media.

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In the current time, Nepali society is facing many problems like Women Rights’ Violation, Child Rights Violation, poverty, unemployment, crime, drug peddling, impunity, etc. Among these problems, Violence against Women in the form of domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, trafficking is on rising trend. One sort of domestic violence faced by the women of Nepal and which is deep rooted in our country is the problem of dowry system. The dowry system is one of the examples of ill- treatment practice to women in our society and has become a culture.

Violence Against Women/Girls Assessing the Situation of Nepal in 2012

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Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, 1998 has recognized the Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) in a broad sense. However only the teachers, journalists, law professionals, health workers and those individuals who are working for human rights organizations ( human rights activists) are specifically included as the HRDs in this report focusing on the issues such as how they suffered and how their human rights were violated between January and October, 2012.

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